Posted by: Jana Arave | December 8, 2008

All About Me

Autobiographical Sketch

I cannot recall the time when I decided to become a teacher, but I feel it has been a slow progression from my growing passion to learn. My parents began to expose me to the world around me from a very young age. When my father joined the Air Force when I was just three years old my adventurous life began. My parent’s philosophy was and still is to expose my siblings and I to as much of the world as they possibly can. I have been fortunate and have not only travelled and lived within the U.S, but have also had the great fortune of living in and travelling throughout Europe. Through my many moves and experiences my passion for learning has grown. I believe it is because I have not simply learned through books, but also have been able to learn about the world by seeing many different places. My parents have raised to me to learn by seeing, doing, and acting; not merely by just reading. Learning is something that has to be experienced and enjoyed. Since I have come to learn this first hand my passion to learn, to question and wonder has become one of my greatest joys.

Through my elementary apprenticeship at Sandstone Elementary I have come to discover that today students do not question or wonder, but just want the answer. It troubles me that the wonder I recall having as a child does not exist in today’s generation. My future goal as an educator is to help students again find the wonder of learning and the desire to find out why and how things work through a hands on learning environment.